The Brain Box was a major success with over 5400 visitors. Read about the event and see pictures provided by the growing list of links, comments and documentations below:

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Your comments:

Here a list of comments we received so far. If you want to post your comment, please send it to Andreas.Prokop@manchester.ac.uk.

LucasMy son spontaneously wanted to paint a brain (all be it with a smiley face on it) and then an neurone and give me a lecture on how electricity in our brains helps us think and move. He said ‘I loved that museum yesterday. Can we go there again please dad’. He took the squidgy brain into school today for a ‘show and tell session’ all about the brain. So the message clearly got across!

Just wanted to pop a quick line to let you know how much we enjoyed the brain box exhibition yesterday. We attended with our 4 children, aged 3 ‐ 13 and all of them had a lovely time. We particularly enjoyed the brain hats (worn proudly to school this morning) and the dance presentation in the “Broken Brains” rooms. I think each child learned something new! We spent a long time by each of the rooms and were almost the last to leave

Thank you so much for organising the event. I really enjoyed the day and lots of the visitors were asking if it’ll be an annual thing. They were very impressed.

.. it was a phenomenal achievement. There was such s buzz in the main Hall and a great mix of fun and pretty sobering stuff.

there were a wide range of brand new engagement techniques, equipment, games, interactive exercises etc used that will provide a great platform for other future science engagement opportunities

… my 5‐year‐old keeps talking about how small a fly’s brain is but with so much “stuff” inside – it has really captured her imagination.

We thoroughly enjoyed the event yesterday and just wanted to say that we received numerous positive comments. On behalf of everyone here at the Stroke Association in the North West, thank you very much for having us and we look forward to the next event!

“…it was wonderful to visit the Brain Box on Sunday and see the results of all
your hard work. I would like to express a huge thank you to you & all the fantastic members of your team who made the inside of the Town Hall shimmer with scientific inspiration on Sunday. It was wonderful to see so many people, young & old, captivated by all the various demonstrations & opportunities for hands on participation. There was a brilliant atmosphere & I am sure you have inspired some young scientists of the future.

I was well and truly in my element on Sunday (recently graduated with a MSc in Science Communication) and can say it was one of the best events I have had the pleasure to be involved with.

Thanks for the opportunity, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and judging by the visitors I spoke to they all did too.

This was an excellent event – so nice to see so many different stands all together and a great range of interactive activities which the visitors all seemed to really enjoy.

These type of events always make it clear how important our research is – people are counting on us to find answers and help the fights against diseases!

We had a fantastic day. Thank you so much for inviting us. It was wonderful to watch how involved and enthusiastic the children were.

… thanks very much … for inviting us to show off our [company’s brain surgery] drills; It was really wonderful to see the reaction of the children (and some adults!) to the opportunity to try them out … I’ve already fed back to [our company] that I believe we should support future instances of this event so please let us know if you require our services again.”

…  it was absolutely brilliant!!! I visited at 3 points during the day; pre parade when it was starting to get busy but there was enough space for me to dip into a few experiments, again when it was post parade and packed, and then again near the end when I could see how delighted the whole team were at the success of the day. And rightly so, you really made something special happen. The public clearly loved the diverse and exciting hands on experiments, demonstrations and performances on offer. Thank you all for your hard work and ingenuity. Let’s hope it’s future collaborations are on the horizon.”

I had a superp time. I was seriously impressed with some of the activities there, such as the “brain wave game”, the dance and interactive demonstration of imitating an action potential, the staining game for kids, the ability to touch real brain tissue with gloves of course … I liked the set up and the structure of the event. Every room had its major theme and topic and it fit all well. The booklets, which were handed out were extremely valuable in order to gather information and to be rewarded with a nice sticker for every correctly answered question. Very nice idea indeed and great for kids… I really liked how very interdiscplinary it was  (combining arts, science, creative writing in froms of poems/paintings etc.). I really hope we can re-create this experience with our table top activities for regenerative medicine.

I enjoyed the event a lot … only after spending more than an hour in one room we realised how much more there was in the other rooms!