Find out how we think and what happens in your brain when you learn. Take part in experiments and play games which challenge your brain in surprising ways, and explore what’s behind your cravings.

Fun activities:
Learn what you might look like as you get older ● Train a “thinking machine” to win a simple game ● Listen to your “inner voice” through interactive experiments ● Measure how well you can copy someone else ● Find out how others affect your behaviour ● Try the taste test to learn about your food cravings.


Discovery zone 1: Cravings

CSFL5036sWho likes fish and chips…drizzled in custard? How about lemon cheesecake…topped with gravy? Or bangers and mash…mushed up with ice cream? Somebody does! But why? Join the Museum of Science and Industry explainers, who’ll help you explore what drives your desire for the foods you love in this mischievous taste-testing experience, inspired by our current Cravings exhibition [LINK].

Discovery Zone 2: Train a Thinking Machine

Come and learn about Artificial Intelligence by playing a simple game against our thinking machine. See how the machine can learn through experience, just as we do.

Discovery Zone 3: Interaction – seeing & doing

Even when you just watch someone else moving, you use some of the same brain areas that you would use if you carried out the movement yourself. Take part in a series of mini-experiments to measure how seeing another person’s actions can influence your own. Volunteer in pairs or on your own. How well can you imitate one another? Does seeing others succeed influence us for the better or worse? Explore how these experiments link to ongoing research on Parkinson’s disease  [LINK] and autism [LINK].

The imitation game

The imitation game

Discovery Zone 4: Hearing Voices In The Brain

Immerse yourself in interactive experiments to learn about the “inner voice” that our brains hear when we read silently. Learn how this relates to current research.

Discovery Zone 5: Age-Appearance Facial Morphing

See the latest morphing technology as it creates images of how your face will change as it ages. Find out how lifestyle choices could affect your appearance.

Discovery Zone 6: Virtual reality

Confront a virtual environment

Confront a virtual environment

Come and see how the brain and the body respond when immersed into virtual and augmented reality. Experience how your brain perceives and interacts with virtual animals, humans and objects. Using real time brain imaging and physiological monitoring we will show you if the brain responds to virtual reality as if it was the real world.

Virtual humans

Virtual humans

Contributing research groups:

  • Bo Yao, Univ. of Manchester — [LINK]
  • Department of Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan Univ. — [LINK]
  • Ellen Poliakoff, Univ. of Manchester — [LINK]
  • Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester — [LINK]
  • School of Mathematics, Univ. of Manchester — [LINK]
  • Centre for Health Sciences Research, Univ. of Salford — [LINK]